About us

Energy North provides renewable energy solutions specializing in small-scale pellet boilers, cascade pellet boiler systems, and industrial biomass boilers (on request).

Our Mission

Energy North is committed to increasing the understanding and use of biomass systems for heat and electricity in Canadian homes, businesses, industries and communities. We are dedicated to working with individuals, businesses, industries and government to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, create employment opportunities, educate and develop skills, and promote innovative solutions to increase the use of renewable energies in Canada. We promote self-sustainable communities based on a proper stewardship of land and resources.

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Maine Energy Systems (MESys)


In association with Maine Energy Systems (MESys), Energy North offers a competitive and highly efficient range of wood pellet boiler products.

The primary mission of MESys is to support the transition of fossil fuel dependent heating systems to the use of renewable wood pellet boilers for the heating of homes, businesses, and industrial buildings. MESys manufactures ÖkoFEN products in North America.

Our Product & Services

As a specialized team, Energy North :

  • Offers a range of wood pellet boilers and systems to meet the needs of all energy consumers;
  • Assists clients with the cost savings estimate, product calculations and installation process;
  • Helps clients determine the most cost effective process for wood pellet delivery and storage;
  • Assists First Nations and NWT residents in developing a wood pellet sales distribution network in their regions;
  • Provides technical training and professional development to increase skill levels and use of biomass technology. As of 2021, 21 Persons from the five NWT Regions has been Certified by the MESYS Contractor training Classes. ;
  • Delivers educational workshops: creating awareness, sharing knowledge and providing technical information on the biomass industry and current technological advancements;
  • Designs and conducts pre-feasibility and feasibility studies; and,
  • Continuously researches potential new innovative products that reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and are sustainable.


Regulatory and certification standards are met to ensure we provide the highest quality services and products to meet the needs of our customers. All Energy North products are tested and certified under North American standards.

Company and Product Certifications include :

  • ASME Stamp – National Board Registered (Canada, US, International)
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) : M 8786.5
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Energy North is registered both with the GNWT Business Incentive Program (BIP).

Team Members

We are a dedicated team committed to working with individuals, businesses, industries and communities to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, create employment opportunities, educate and develop skills that help promote innovative solutions to increase the use of renewable energies in Canada's North.

Jan Larsson

Jan specializes in the planning and implementation of renewable energy solutions, currently focusing on wood pellet boilers but researching the availability and implications for expanding to additional innovative products that will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. His commitment to consumer education on carbon neutral heating, and enthusiasm when discussing renewable energy options, significantly contributed to the rapid growth of Energy North as a MESys ÖkoFEN pellet boiler distributor. Jan’s many years of European and North American experience with biomass technologies, along with his continuous research of high quality new products, means that clients can expect the best possible custom options that will work for their biomass heating requirements. His twenty plus years as Director of Rossignol Racing Service provides a solid background in understanding international marketing and sales.

Brian Lickoch

Brian Lickoch brings to the team many years of entrepreneurial experience and an extensive knowledge of the issues with fossil fuel dependence for heat in the Northwest Territories. As a long-time resident of Norman Wells, Brian saw the need for a bulk wood pellet storage and delivery facility to serve the residents and businesses of Norman Wells and the Sahtu region. As co-owner in the new business Green Energy NWT Inc., he began testing and installing pellet boilers, including several MESys ÖkoFEN containerized boilers within Norman Wells. His experience with the transportation structure across the territories, and his skills in logistics, means that customers will receive the best advice with regards to both the most suitable pellet boiler options and the wood pellet distribution possibilities for their communities.

Nina Larsson

Nina Larsson brings 10 years of experience in renewable energy systems knowledge and biomass product design with focus on application in an arctic climate. She has established an international network of partners in boiler manufacturing and product marketing by working in France, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Finland and Sweden. As co-founder of Energy North Corporation she introduced innovative renewable energy solutions to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and created local training and employment opportunities. There are now more then 75 wood pellet systems installed in Norman Wells, Inuvik, Yellowknife, Fort Simpson and Hay River; and 21 NWT installers who have been certified by the MESys Ökofen factory. Nina currently works with the Government of the Northwest Territories, as the Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Development with the Department of Health and Social Services. She is a founding member of Dene Nahjo, an Indigenous Innovation Collective. Nina is Gwich’in and Swedish.

Certified Installers

Energy North currently has several MESys trained certified installers/representatives across the NWT. All are heating systems professionals. We welcome any qualified heating systems specialists to take part in our training and become certified on the installation of MESys Ökofen products. Check in EVENTS to see when our next training will be held in the Northwest Territories.

To Be Part of Our Team. Installers Must:

  • Be professionally qualified and highly skilled in the installation of heating systems;
  • Hold all relevant permits, licenses and certifications;
  • Have completed additional training on MESys Ökofen products with regard to installation, operation and maintenance; and,
  • Undertake ongoing MESys training.

Below are some of the NWT Installers that are experienced and Certified by the MESYS Factory.